* NO DRUGS: including prescribed marijuana, NOT 420 friendly
* NO SMOKING: NO, not even outside
* NO overnight guests: or . . ."3am booty calls" Men leave by 10pm on Sun-Thurs and 11pm on Friday, Sat
* Family and female overnight visitor friends are welcome, however we don't allow conjugal  visits, out of respect
* Alcohol: In your room or in moderation in common areas, No drunkness
* Guests: One or two friends at a time are welcome
* Quiet Hours: After 10 PM Sun-Th. After 12 AM Friday and Sat.
* No shoes on the Carpet! (It is too difficult to clean!)

* Monthly attendance at 70 min. house meeting is manditory

* $10 to $15 Contribution to community supplies monthly is required
* Peace Harmony is Deliberately Sought: We live peacefully and respect eachother's life style, schedules, & use of our home: No
name calling, put downs, swearing at anyone, loud music, talking negatively or unsocial behavior is tolerated
* Consultation: agreement among roommates is required on party events and other occasional uses of the house
(agreements on conduct & clean-up are required)
* Common Area: If you mess an area, clean it promptly (dishes don't camp in sink after meal)
* Food: You will have your own shared refrigerator. Food needs to be covered (sealed) food only is allowed in the refrigerator, so. . . no spills or contamination
* Cleaning (disinfecting, vacuuming, empty garbage, empty recycling etc.): You're expected to
   participate in team cleaning of common (shared) areas for 1 1/2 hours weekly,
   on your own schedule, and tasks you have choosen
* Trips: If you intend to be away for more than a day, notify us. . . so we don't worry or file a
missing person report; also, clean before you depart for a weekend. . . thank you! .

The Special Person We Are Looking For :
Some one who is stable and wants to join a community for an extended period of time, not just for a couple of months.
Someone who (is). . .
* Female
* Honest
* Non-smoker

* No Drugs ever, or other additions
* Law abiding
* We are NOT 420 Friendly.. NO.
.. not even marijuana for medical use
* Enjoys a clean environment & keeps spaces neat
* Be accetpting of Any ethnicity or alternative lifestyle (accepted     
* Student or Retired woman or Professional
* Someone interested in creation of harmony, health, safety, and peace
* Quiet/ studious/ responsible
* Must be able to pass a background check

* Willing to follow Community Agreed Upon rules

Community Agreed Upon Rules

Do Our Values Match Yours?

We are a community of women who tune into the spiritual side of life and
respect All faiths and healthy lifestyle choices.

We value cleanliness, kindness, understanding, tollerance of all, and most of all harmony.

We are looking for a housemate of like mind; we 'live and let live,'
    and we value each gift of skill and knowledge brought to us by housemates.

We require someone who is accountable and prompt with rent every month,
    someone who will do their share of housekeeping, and
    treat all housemates with kindness and respect,
because we all depend on each other to meet our individual financial, cleaning, and
    rule following obligations to make the system work.

Personality and Choices:

   Someone who understands the relationships within a functioning community

   Someone who is willing to help the community

   Someone available to connect and consult about things to move community forward

   Someone who is adaptable to and cares about other's needs

   Someone who has no allergies to pet fur; if you are an animal lover (dog and cat), it is a plus.
              (We have a dog and are consiering a cat.)

Would  You Like to Join Our Community?

Rooms For Rent in Shared Private Home, Portland Oregon

Future Housemates

 Self Evaluation

If you are able to evaluate yourself for suitability to join our community, this will save you, Catherine,  and the rest of your possible future housemates so much time.

Ask yourself some quesitons that we may want to know about you:

1. Are you finanically stable to make rent and utilitiy payments on time each month?

2. Do you enjoy being around other people?

3. Do you have pet allergies, addition to something, smoke?

4. Are you tollerant of other's life-style choices, religous choices, preferences in food,
     hobbies, views?

5. Are you willing to participate in the community?

6. Will you clean up after yourself, and go beyond your choosen tasks to help someone
    else, once in a while?

7. Can you be quiet during quiet hours?

8. Can you live without sex in the house? Walls are not completely sound proof.

9. Do you value harmony above being right?

10. What is most important to you in community living?

11. What do you need to set up in an envoironment, such that you can be happy?

12. Can you just remove yourself from a situation, calmly and kindly...and a   
       address it at more appropriate time?

13. Can you be aware of others who may have needs, and be respectful of those?

The Showing and Evaluation Process

Their is a process though which potential housemates screen, view, meet members of the community, then everyone collectively decides if this situation will work for the potential housemate and those of us living in the community.


1. Call Catherine; she will answer your questions about the space and usually send you to this site to gather more facts and see photos. Catherine will ask you about yourself and your desires, what is important to you in a home, etc.

2. Viewing: If Catherine thinks that you would be a good fit for the community, she will set a time for you to view the private room that is coming available and the communal and out door spaces of the home. She will answer questions you have about living here, procedures, safty measures, etc.

3. Meeting Housemates: If you like the space and think that you may enjoy living here, then  Catherine will ask you to give a few times in your schedule that will work for you to meet other members of the community. Then, Catherine will coordinate a meeting based her housemate;s schedules and your schedule. You will be able to ask questions of housemates and they will be able to get to know you as well.

4. Consultation: Catherine will consult with housemates about their feelings about living with you. When you are approved, Catherine will call you and invite you to live with us, provided you are comfortable with us and wanting to move in.

5. Signing: Catherine and you will meet to do the paperwork and transfer the deposit. Last month's rent and utilities plus $100 cleaning deposit is your deposit. Catherine doesn't hold rooms without deposit. It is necessary to collect the deposit at signing.

6. Move in: The room will be clean and ready for you at the agreed upon time. You will be given a checklist to inspect the room, to make sure you know the condition to which you are expected to return the room, when you leave. If anything seems amiss, contact Catherine right away, so we can fix it for you. Catherine will meet with you to recieve the rent portion for the current month, in accordance with the number of days you are living in the room, your first month.

The expectation is that you will move yourself in carefully and safely with what-ever help you procure. We will clear a spot in the driveway for easy move in.

7. Orientation: Within 24 hours of move in, meet with Catherine, so she can show you how to work, security system, Vitamix, Oven, Dishwasher, TV, Internet accesss, laundry machines, etc. Catherine can also make you aware of procedures, and answer any other questions you may have.

8. Party: At some point, shortly after you move in, your housemates will welcome you with a get-to-gether, celebration.