Party Time!

Rooms for Rent in Private SW Portland, Oregon Home

*Rooms on the top floor include: The Abe Lincoln Room, The Earnest Hemingway Suite with bathroom, a shared bathroom
  and my daughter's room.
*A friend of mine lives on the lower floor apartment with her own kitchen and bathroom. She is a kind knitter, grandma type, whom you probably won't see unless you seek her out, so she is not a roommate, as she is rarely on the main level and never upstairs.
*If you are looking for privacy and would like to keep to yourself and your life pursuits, that will work here. If you are looking for some interaction and friendship that is also available here.

* NO DRUGS: including prescribed marijuana, NOT 420 friendly
* NO SMOKING: NO, not even outside
* NO overnight guests: or . . ."3am booty calls"
* Family and female overnight visitor friends are welcome, however we don't allow conjugal  visits, out of respect
* Alcohol: In your room only
* Guests: One or two friends at a time are welcome
* Quiet Hours: After 10 PM Sun-Th.

* No shoes on the Carpet! (It is too difficult to clean!)
* Peace Harmony is Deliberately Sought: We live peacefully and respect eachother's life style, schedules, & use of our home: No
name calling, put downs, swearing at anyone, loud music, talking negatively or unsocial behavior is tolerated
* Consultation: agreement among roommates is required on party events and other occasional uses of the house
(agreements on conduct & clean-up are required)
* Common Area: If you mess an area, clean it promptly (dishes don't camp in sink after meal)
* Food: You will have your own shared refrigerator. Food needs to be covered (sealed) food only is allowed in the refrigerator, so. . . no spills or contamination
* Cleaning (disinfecting, vacuuming, empty garbage, empty recycling etc.): You're expected to
participate in team cleaning of common (shared) areas for 1 1/2 hours weekly, on your own schedule
* Trips: If you intend to be away for more than a day, notify us. . . so we don't worry or file a
missing person report; also, clean before you depart for a weekend. . . thank you! .

Someone who (is). . .
* Female
* Honest

* Non-smoker
* Law abiding
* We are NOT 420 Friendly.. NO... not even marijuana for medical use
* Enjoys a clean environment & keeps spaces neat
* Any ethnicity or alternative lifestyle (accepted enthusiastically)
* Student or Retired woman or Professional
* Someone interested in creation of harmony, health, safety, and peace
* Quiet/ studious/ responsible
* Must be able to pass a background check

***I am honest and careful person, so I have safeguards that I follow.***
Requirements for your protection and mine:
* I deal only locally, face to face; (we must meet in person to decide if the arrangement will work)
* You must pass criminal & rent history background check, prior to move in
* You must have a viable, ongoing, verifiable income
* Your check must clear the bank before you can move in
* I don't redistribute funds (deposit, then withdraw for any purpose)
* I don't "hold" the room for anyone without payment
* I do call people back on a first come, first serve basis (that's fair)
* Room(s) is/are available to move in as posted check, paperwork, and payment are completed
* I will be happy to talk with you, and answer any of your questions, show you the whole home etc.********

Enjoy living with us in this fabulous location; we are respectful of eachother's schedules, lifestyle choices, & needs. We Love Diversity! Be You! We all have personalities!

If the ad is live, at least one room is still available.

 Showings  by appointment only, often within  48 hour notice.


Female Only

 If you are looking for a safe, respectful, small, and caring community... come be a part of ours.

About Our Home Environment, Us, and the Rules We Live By


- Easy, 2 minute Walk to Sylvania PCC Campus
- Easy access to I-5, 217, and Capitol Hwy
- Easy access to Fred Meyer, Costco, Starbucks, Food: (McDonald's/ Carls Jr./ Mongolian Grill,
  Newport Bay, Buster's BBQ), Office Max, Winco Foods, Movie Theater, and the new Walmart
- 10 min. to Bridgeport shopping and Washington Square
- 10 min. to Downtown Portland (non-rush hour)

Perfect for retired woman (there are stairs), professional or student attending: OHSU, Lewis & Clark, Marylhurst, PSU, or PCC (walk to Sylvania, bus to other campuses).

Great Location! 5 min. walk to School (PCC Sylvania)! Private Balcony, Desk in Room (Office or Study Area), Alarm, Fire place, Furnished Indoor & Outdoor Spaces, Landry Facilities, Garage Storage space, PARKING are included in rent!

* We live in a quiet safe community, near a college
* Brand new touch screen security system has been installed with sensors on  windows and doors,
   glass break sensor, motion detector, and personal codes.
* Akita dog in residence
* Community of safety conscious woman, someone is almost always home and bolt locks are 
   always set
* Additional locking aids exist on selected doors and windows
* We know our neighbors and look out for each other

The house is on three levels, so stairs are involved; most time is spent on the main level, upper level (bed room), and outside spaces during pleasant weather. Laundry is on the lower floor.


*Signed rental agreement and payment prior to move in
*Move in month's rent and utilities prorated by day
*Monthly $95 Utility fee includes: Security Alarm (set nightly); Cable TV with
  HBO, Sports, recording & streaming options, & hundreds of channels;
  Internet; Electricity; Natural Gas (Fireplace & Stove); Water; Garbage

* ½ block walk to bus # 78 stop (Washington Square Mall (Bvt. Transit Center)
   & Lake Oswego)
* ¼ mile walk to #12 (Hwy 99 (Barber Blvd.) Transit Center & Downtown
   Portland (& East side)

* 2800 Square foot home
* Furnished rooms (Furniture can be augmented and adapted to your needs)
* New Touch screen Security System (Motion detectors, Breaking glass
   detectors, Window and Door sensors)
* New 4k 50" Visio Cable TV in living room, with On Demand Viewing
* Ceiling Fan in most bedrooms
* 2 windows with wooded view (Hemingway Suite and Abe Lincoln room)
* Private seating, reading area (Hemingway Suite and Abe Lincoln room)
* Radiating Heater or stove fire-place (space heater) in your room
* Shared full size refrigerator with one other resident in kitchen.
    Also, there is a small shared refrigerator for cold drinks on  
    the top floor, outside the bedrooms

* Shared bathroom with a bath-tub is located on top floor with:

    - Massaging shower head (5 settings)
    - Space heater 

    (Hemingway Suite has it's own bathroom)
* 1/2 bath on main floor
* Equipped kitchen (gas stove/ gas oven/ microwave/ dishwasher/
    Vita-mix blender, 3 full size and 2 1/2 refrigerators, coffee maker & grinder,
    crockpot etc.)
* Breakfast nook
* Living room with gas fireplace

* NEW 50" Vizio 4K Ultra High Definition TV with 2160 px (much clearer picture
    than 1080) with "On Demand" Viewing of Movies, Shows, Sports channels,
    and the 700 sequence of high def channels
* Laundry Facilities (Pick a day; we each take a day of the week)
* Furnished deck with grill & adjacent green space
* Back yard patio
* Front yard with a bench
* Hardwood floors on main
* Off Street Parking
* Lots of walking trails through woods around PCC
* Wooded Conservation Zone with a creek, behind house with birds and squirrels

* Rooms have large closet (well equipped for storage & clothes... Storables adjustable shelving)
* Under bed storage space
* Shelving in hallways and kitchen for more storage, easy access to additional items
* Possible storage space in the Garage pending upcoming garage sale


* We recently added: an additional refrigerator, a dishwasher, new vacuum with Dyson cyclone technology, a new high speed internet router and booster, a new high capacity window air conditioner, garbage disposal, new shelving and storage totes, and some wonderfully beautiful landscaping in the front yard, garden and bench area.

* 1 Akita dog 60 lb (yes, very small for an Akita), very quiet and well behaved,
 rescued about 2 years ago (blows coat only twice a year and stays on main level on the stairs to the upper floor; comes with Catherine on frequent trips to Seattle area)

* (The cats that you see in some of the pictures are not in residence, currently.)

* (We may be looking to add a cat (female) in the near future. If you have one, talk to Catherine.)*
* Yes, pet owner vacuums often.

HOUSE-MATES in this 2800 sq. ft. House:
* 1 mom  (graphic designer/ technical writer)- home owner
* 1, 16 year old daughter (part-time)... 3 weekends a month 1/2 holidays/ 1/2 summer
    (often during her weekends, we are in Seattle at extended family's home)

* 1 Industrious college student, quiet, and spiritual

* 1 Super busy professional (2 careers)

* 1 Spiritually conscious, writer adult


We are accepting and caring artists, academic thinkers, nature & music lovers, busy people who study & mostly keep to themselves, but do interact socially in common areas of the home.
We live legally, quietly, respectfully, and harmoniously, because we follow rules (see below). We are very much interested in creating community with the over-riding conscious creation of harmony.